Age Verification SolutionSub text
Code’s Age Verification Solution, featuring the Code Reader 3500 (CR3500), magnetic stripe reader, and unique age verification JavaScript application, is the most cost-effective and reliable age verification solution on the market today.

Code's Age Verification Solution:

  • Reads all state issued driver licenses, valid state issued identification cards, and valid military IDs
  • Will sound an alarm if patron is underage
  • Features vibration feedback for noisy environments
  • Offers both fixed and portable operation
  • Has no monthly software fees
  • Has a 2-year standard warranty covers manufacturing defects
  • Ships with a worksheet for tracking IDs that cannot be read electronically
  • Optional CR3500 Premier Service Plan for Age Verification that includes:
    • Free software updates
    • Covers abuse and accidental damage with $99 flat-rate replacement of unit
    • Replacement shipped within 2 business days
    • Period is a full 2 years from date of purchase