Code Reader™ 1000製造中止製品


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Code Reader™ 1000

As of December 3, 2018, this product has been discontinued. Please contact the code for last purchase opportunities, support, spare parts, accessibility availability

The Code Reader ™ 1000 (CR1000) is a compact barcode reader with cable, which allows you to load a barcode that chooses a compromise in a narrow working space. With patented optical bifocal platform CR1000, one-dimensional barcodes and compact high-density two-dimensional barcodes can be read quickly.

Features high speed, bar code reading from all directions, extremely low power consumption, manual or automatic trigger, CR1000 is an ideal barcode reader for frequently used environments, ideal for use in mobile coupons, tickets, shops, etc. is. Characteristics and advantages of CR1000:

Scope of application: medical, mobile coupons / tickets, pharmacies, police cars, ATM / stands, retail trade, manufacturing industry